THINX: A New Game-Changing Favorite

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One of my favorite products of 2017 happens to be underwear. Side note: If hearing about periods grosses you out, you may want to stop reading now. It's about to get personal.

So what are THINX? According to the company, they're underwear for menstruating people that are made up of "four bits of tech that makes them anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant." I agree 100% and I was very skeptical at first.

I greatly prefer tampons and avoid pads if possible, but sometimes I need backup. Pads bunch easily and make me feel like I'm sitting in a pool of blood. Not sexy, and it's hard to be confident in a business meeting or on a date when you're basically wearing a wet diaper.

One sleepless night, I stumbled upon a YouTube review of THINX underwear. Reusable, bulky pads have never been appealing to me, so I had always assumed THINX are similar and still have that wet diaper feel. After watching the review by someone who basically feels the same way about pads that I do, I decided to order a pair of THINX. I ordered a pair of the Sport undies, and the first thing I noticed was how thin the material is. It feels just like a normal pair of underwear. Next, I noticed that they keep you dry; I mean really dry. I almost forgot I had my period.

As someone who has been cursed with heavier periods for much of her life and has had a few embarrassing experiences as a result, I used to get nervous about leaks the first couple days of my cycle, which is when I'd often end up wearing a pad in addition to a tampon. However, sporting THINX as backup instead of a bulky pad gave me complete peace of mind. I ended up ordering a Cheeky pair too, and will probably keep adding to my collection (the only con is that they aren't cheap, but I figure I'm saving money and being more environmentally-friendly by not using as many pads or pantyliners). Having at least two pairs of THINX works nicely because you can wash and hang dry one pair while you're wearing the other. I have since traveled abroad with them and it's a surprisingly empowering feeling not being afraid that you're bleeding through your clothes. Or if there's a chance you'll get your period, wear them instead of a pantyliner.

Basically, THINX has changed my life and I don't dread that time of the month as much as I once did. I honestly can't believe I went as long without them. (And no, this is not a sponsored post.)

Questions I've heard people ask about THINX:
How do you care for THINX? I rinse them with cold water after use and either machine wash cold or hand wash. Hang dry. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener!

Isn't it gross to rinse them? I use them mainly as tampon backup so they don't get too bloody. However, if you've ever leaked in a pair of underwear, it's basically the same thing. Washing my THINX is less gross because they're black and the blood doesn't feel "hardened" like it does on most fabric. Also, it's sort of a shame that as women we are taught that our own bodies are gross.

What size should I get? They say they run small, but I ordered the same size I wear in normal underwear (small). They fit snugly but are very comfortable. For reference, I wear a size 4 in pants.

What style should I get? I prefer bikini-style underwear so the Cheeky and Sport styles are the most comfortable. When I order a third pair, I'll probably go for another pair of the Cheeky. Again, I wear them mostly as tampon backup, taking the place of a pantyliner or pad, or alone at night towards the end of my cycle, but if you're wearing them as your main product every day, perhaps go with the Hiphugger style.

Do you wear THINX? What surprised you most about them?

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