Book Review: The Scandinavian Home

Scandinavian design is about functionality, aesthetically-pleasing clean lines, and rich, cozy, natural textures like wool, wood, and linen. Scandinavians seem to possess an innate sense of interior design and the ability to make their homes both cozy yet original. Their homes are less about mass-produced objects and more about one-of-a-kind pieces of art and handmade goods. When daylight diminishes significantly in the winter and temperatures drop, meaning less time is spent outdoors, why wouldn't you want your home to be comfortable and beautiful? One side of my family is Norwegian and I definitely grew up with similar values about home and sustainability. Add to that a Vermont childhood without a TV,  filled with stacking wood, reading by the fire on cold Vermont evenings, and cooking vegetables grown in the backyard, and you'll see why the Scandinavian ideas of home really resonate with me. (Think Danish hygge.)

When I first picked up The Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired by Light by Niki Brantmark (Cico Books), I instantly knew I would love it. Its pages are filled with gorgeous inspiration with a mix of urban apartments, chic country homes, and rural cabins. The descriptions and quotes that complement the beautiful full-page photography spreads make it feel like you are getting personal tours of friends' houses. Readers get an intimate look into the homes and lives of Scandinavian people. With the homes' mix of artwork, iconic design elements, antiques, and homemade objects, reading this book inspires you to bring Scandinavian design into your own home. Get ready for your home to tell your own unique story!

Above: Images from Brantmark's beautiful book, The Scandinavian Home. Be sure to visit her blog.
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