Favorite Independent Magazines

To read interviews, short essays, and long-form journalism celebrating art, style, work life, and Nordic home design, check out Kinfolk. Each issue has a different theme.

For beautiful photos, delicious recipes, and simple craft ideas, read seasonal Sweet Paul and get ready to drool.

If you're a proud feminist and love learning about women's history and popular culture, paired with recipes, craft ideas, sex advice, and book reviews, then BUST is for you. It's published bimonthly and can be found at indie bookstores and Barnes & Noble.

To savor gorgeous photos without re-touching, enjoy empowering interviews with strong women, and read a magazine that celebrates the "art of being a woman," check out Darling.

If you live to travel and eat good food, bi-annual Cereal magazine is for you. It's based in the UK.

Celebrate women and food with Cherry Bombe. It pairs beautiful design with interviews, fun features and recipes, and has its own podcast.

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, or daring creative? Read the uplifting interviews and tips in BUNCH.

For interior design inspiration, editors' picks, and entertaining ideas, flip through online Rue Magazine. It's free.

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